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Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari Baba

About Us

HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI BHAJAN BRAHMACHARI BABA appeared in this mundane world in human form, but as the complete embodiment of Divinity or “POORNA-AVATAR” – the incarnation of GOD who is the embodiment of Truth , Goodness and Beauty. He came to the Chosen ones with the burning lamp of enlightenment to ignite our inner spark or consciousness to help us link ourselves perpetually with our SOURCE. He taught us to develop the feeling of deep love and attraction for GOD because God is the only true, perpetual and ultimate source and wellspring of all that is. With HIS love, compassion and grace, HE taught the worldly persons how to discard all distractions, temptations and learn the art of spiritual living with detachment by taking small steps like practising Devotion, Deep thinking and Right action. For giving stress on the basic principle,every now and then HE used to utter :-